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India Holidays Plans brings forth travelers all India tour packages to all the major destinations in India. Whichever part of the India has taken your heart away; we have the exact package for your needs. Be it the famous backwater destination of Kerala, the beach capital Goa, culturally enriched Rajasthan, soothing hilly destination of Himachal Pradesh or religious Gujarat, we have a perfectly planned itinerary for you.

Holiday packages in India offer the most relishing experience to travelers. From finest accommodation, hassle-free transportation facility for sightseeing tours, each aspect is perfectly planned to cater to your interests in the best possible manner. You can either choose from our array of pre-designed packages on the site or can get in touch with us to travel with your customized itinerary.

Besides best prices, each tour package comprises carefully designed itineraries, well-advocated hotels and famous sights. While booking with us, you can ask the most out of your Indian getaway and relish the best of attractions. Our tour experts carefully understand each of your travel interests and thus come up with the perfect accommodation, transportation and sightseeing attractions coupled with great fun and relaxation. We combine the cheapest airfares, accommodation rates and rental prices and help you enjoy your India tours within your budgeted needs.

The lower half of India is beaming with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters that remain unspoiled and unexplored. The charm and splendor of these beaches are unrivaled; simply amazing that continues to beguile travelers from various spheres of the world. Beaches of India offer various opportunities to its visitors. From food shafts serving the best of traditional delicacies, to finest beach resorts and hotels, the beaches are one of the top most reasons to book with India beach tourism.

Whether it’s the splendid beaches of Goa that bewitches you, the virgin beaches of Andaman & Nicobar you are in love with, the crystal clear waters of Lakshadweep you adore or you appreciate the charming Kerala beaches, India beach holidays will be the best getaway to enjoy in the best possible manner. Here you can lie and relax fully beside the shores, earn that perfect tan or get into some thrilling water sport activities. So, whatever be your way of relaxation and rejuvenation, India beach tour packages are the best thing to enjoy with and wash away your stresses. India Holidays Plans offers affordable India beach tour packages to travelers’ at the most affordable market prices to make sure they bask an exquisite travelling experience.

India is the country, which is home to a huge variety of cuisines. To take a trip down the different cultures and get introduced to the country better in the same way, a culinary tour, India helps the tourists.

Food and cooking are two significant aspects of the cuisine. Each state of India is home to a typical cuisine and each of this cuisine is matchless.

Under North India culinary tour, tourists can enjoy Mughal cuisines, which are called the mother of all cuisines for several because the major style of cooking in North India is Mughlai. Mughlai menu consists of the names of Mughali cuisines such as Kormas, Jalfrezi, Biryani and Pulao. The Kasmiri style cooking provides the enjoyment of relishing Rogan Josh, Kababs, yummy Koftas and Yaknein Pulao while the Punjabi/Tandoori style cooking comprises the dishes such as Tandoori Naans & Roti, Chicken Tikka, stuffed paratha, Butter Chicken, Mutter Paneer, Daal Makhani and Fish Amritsari. North Indians enjoy the desserts like Kulfi, Jalebis, Barfis, Laddoos and Lassi.

South Indians relish exclusive types of Uttapams, Dosas and Idlis (steamed stuffed rice pancakes). Hot favorites of all South Indians are a dessert made of rich thick milk and rice, Rasam, a spicy lentil soup and Payasam. Some of the signature cooking styles of South India are the royal Nizami Hyderabadi Biryani of Andhra Pradesh, Malabari cooking of Kerala including mainly coastal & seafood dishes, hot & spicy Chettinad cookery of Tamil Nadu. This region enjoys the desserts of Payasam, Peda and Appam.

Eastern India cuisine essentially dominates the ingredients of rice and fish. Some of the richer side dishes relished by Bengalis are steamed Hilsa, Prawn Malaikari, Bekti. North Eastern states use Chinese cookery styles including the cuisines named Momos, Thukpa (Sikkim), Moi Buruk (Tripura), pork curry and alcoholic drinks made from fermented rice. The sweet items of this region are Rasgullas, Pithe and Rabri.

Under Western India culinary tour, some of the favorites of the people of Gujarat are Dhokla, Undhia, Puran Puli, Khaandvi, Thepla, Mathia, Kachoris and Gathia. Rajasthani food provides the enjoyment of Churma, Kadhi, Daal Baffle and Daal Bhaati. In Rajashthan, non-vegetarians can relish Laal Maas or red meat curry. In Maharashtra, visitors can enjoy Poha, Pav Bhaji and Bhel Puri while Goa provides the opportunity of relishing special dishes such as Xacuti and Vindaloo. Western Indians relish the sweet items named Gajar Ka Halwa, Shrikhand, Karanji and Churma.

Visit India tours are especially planned by India Holidays Plans for providing the enjoyment of different cuisines in India.

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